​​​Heart Art

​​Choose any of the following to customize your RIVER REST experience!​ Prices are per person unless noted.

Art for the Heart! 

Create something beautiful and true as a daily reminder to your beautiful self. Contact us to request photos and more information for any of the Art for the Heart Workshops. Price includes all supplies.​ ​​

  • ​Soul Book            $45
  • Truth Cards        $40
  • Decision Maker  $40
  • Journey Collage $30
  • Canvas Magnets  $25

Do Your Body Good!

  • Water Kefir - $25  Learn to make your own probiotic drink.  So easy, tasty and so good for you! Daily probiotics are essential to good health, as 70% of your immune system is in your gut. You will learn the step by step simple process to ferment water and sugar with a water kefir SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts).  Take home instructions and a SCOBY(to use over and over again) as you brew your own probiotic water kefir.  Experiment with flavors, the possibilities are endless! 

  •  ​Kimchi (Fermented Vegetables)  - $25  Learn to make your own kimchi or fermented vegetables, as I like to call them.  A spoonful a day gives you a boatload of probiotics!  Use as a condiment, stir into rice or quinoa, add a tablespoon to your tossed salad.  Super easy, no specials tools needed, just a few canning jars, a sharp knife, some sea salt and veggies.  Take home printed directions and a jar of kimchi to enjoy. 
  • Morninga  - $25  Moringa is known as the tree of life, it's been called the most nutrient rich plant food!  This tree is native to the Himalayas.  The leaves can be eaten fresh or dried.  Moringa contains 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants,  18 amino acids and   12 vitamins & minerals.  Because it is 100% natural, your body can easily absorb it.  Moringa is said to have many healing properties increasing energy, focus and mental clarity.  You will have the opportunity to taste moringa leaves, try the powder in a smoothie, learn growing tips and take home seeds to start your own plant. 

​​ Get Outside & Play!

  • ​​Walk the beach, fly a kite, play beach bocce (10 min drive)   - $ free
  • Kayak lesson   - $40 (seasonal May - Sept)
  • Paddle Board lesson   -  $40 (seasonal May - Sept)
  • Boat ride to uninhabited Monk Island - $15  
  • Personal "junking" tour guide  - $75 (group price)
Learn Something New!
  • ​​Introduction to Organic Gardening and Raising Backyard Hens   -   $25  Organic gardening respects the design of nature which produces nutrient dense food to enjoy.  Fresh eggs from your own back yard are the best!  Each person will receive a packet of information on companion planting, beneficial insects, Back to Eden style gardening and more!

  • Raising Swallowtail Butterflies - $25  It is so much fun to hatch butterflies at home!!!  Learn about the life cycle of the Eastern Black Swallowtail, what to plant to attract them to lay their eggs, how to care for the pupa, chrysalis and releasing butterflies.  So many life lessons to learn from this process.  Great for kids and adults alike! 

  • Introduction to Felting - $40 Learn the basics of wet felting and needle felting as you create a mug rug or trivet.  

  • Twining - Weaving a Rag Rug - $170  Each person gets a loom to keep.  See more details on the Events tab.

  • Alcohol Ink Painted Tiles  - $50  Using highly pigmented alcohol inks, create beautiful painted tiles to use as coasters, a trivet or a beautiful wall hanging.