​​​Heart Art

We have two locations in Wilmington & Shallotte. 

Contact us for details about providing workshops for your group or to teach a break-out sessions at your next event.  

Milissa Little, founder

Heart Art is dedicated to restoring hope and possibilities.  Through workshops and retreats, we offer life changing fun and creative tools that assist you in living your best life.  Milissa Little, a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, has teaching experience with large and small groups on many subjects including: homeschooling, sustainable farming and gardening practices, fiber arts and family enrichment activities.

Heart Art offers personal and practical growth through life sustaining tools that can be used for direction, focus and fun, with no previous artistic experience or skill necessary! Heart Art provides opportunities for self-care, giving you time and space to really listen to your soul, to hear your heart whispers again and use these messages to create meaningful pieces of art and truth.  We were all born to create, but many of us have lost our childlike artistic nature.  Brene Brown says it best,  “We were born makers.  We move what we are learning from our head, to our HEARTS, through our hands.”  

We offer simple processes to discover your own way, we show you the beauty of restoring your true, authentic, and best self.   What you take away are art expressions that reflect YOUR heartfelt messages . . . ones that are spoken directly to your soul. We are all on life’s journey, becoming and learning daily, we are perfectly imperfect.  That is the beautiful truth meant for all of us. Join the next event at Heart Art and experience these simple powerful tools for yourself!  

What is Heart Art

Heart Art gathers women together to learn, explore and become. No art experience necessary. The art is simple, there is no right or wrong way, good or bad. Heart Art provides a safe place to be authentic, figure things out and restore.  Photo of the founder of Heart Art, Milissa Little (right), Mary and Mary.  These amazing women have been my constant comrades for more than twenty years, they introduced me to creative soul work, planted and watered the seeds in my soul from which emerged Heart Art.  We are dedicated to spreading love, truth and hope to women everywhere!