​​​Heart Art

Events available at your location or ours!

Decision Maker​​ ​cost $40/person

Often we feel completely paralyzed when decisions are difficult to make. Sometimes we avoid them, stay stuck or someone else makes decisions for us. This workshop provides valuable tools to assist in making life's decisions, both big and small. 

​Four teaching hours. Schedule one 4 hr. session.  Contact us for more information or to schedule this workshop.

Soul Book cost $45/person

Create a beautiful, chunky, artsy little SoulBook full of all the things your beautiful heart knows but sometimes forgets. This workshop is designed to get you started on this super fun and meaningful project.  You will leave with all the supplies you  need to complete it at home.  Sometimes life is overwhelming or hard or maybe we are going through a confusing time of transition, your SoulBook will help you stay on your path during these seasons.  It is filled with heartfelt messages to help you remember all the things that are important to you.  Optional to bring: Several small photos of yourself and your life printed on regular copy paper (just off of your home printer is great…make them 1” – 3” in size…) *these are ANY photos at any time in your life….anything that tells the story of YOU. Remember this book is about YOU….so make sure you bring more photos of yourself than of your family and friends!

Journey Collage​​  cost $25/person

Create an 8 x 10” mixed media Journey Collage.  We are all on a unique journey, some more difficult than others, all have peaks and valleys, joys and sorrows.  Creating a Journey Collage helps remind you of where you’ve been or where you're going or maybe both!  Create one for yourself or make one as a gift.  Contact us for more information or to schedule this workshop.

​Four teaching hours. Schedule one /4 hr. or two/2hr. sessions.

Truth Cards ​cost $40/person

Truth Cards have been a part of Brave Girls Club from the beginning, and we have seen thousands of lives of women from all over the world (including ourselves!) healed in little and big ways from the powerful little truths on each card. The idea for Truth Cards came as a way to overpower the awful script that sometimes runs in our head, preventing our souls from feeling whole or healed. Truth cards are little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls….telling us the TRUTH when we are believing words that are keeping us from believing the love and truth. In this workshop, we will use pages of pre-written “truths” pasted to sturdy chipboard to create “Truth Cards”. Each participant will leave the class having made several truth cards for herself. Sometimes it is just a few true and beautiful words that give us all of the hope that we need to keep going…and just a FEW true words really can make all of the difference in the world!

Four teaching hours; one session   Contact us for more information or to schedule.

Contact us for details about providing workshops for your group or to teach a break-out sessions at your next conference. 

Twining - Learn to weave rag rugs​​ cost $170/person

Twining is a traditional method of weaving with two strands.  It creates a thick woven rag rug. Recycle old sheets into amazing colorful rugs.  Machine washable and durable.  Color schemes are endless.  Easy, calming, repetetive motion makes twining a skill enjoyed by young and old alike. Twining can be scheduled as a private lesson or for a small group.  Price ($170) includes a three hour lesson and a sturdy handmade picture-frame loom to keep. Email if interested.

​Three teaching hours; one session